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Precious Images

Ma znate li ko mi je ovo poslao?
Zajebant, naravno. Kaže: “Evo ti malo osveženjce za blog”.
I tako… ma samo ga pogledajte, nema tu šta da se priča…

Ovaj film dobio je nagradu Oskar u kategoriji za Kratki film 1987.

Precious Images is a 1986 short film directed by Chuck Workman. It features approximately 470 half-second-long splices of classic movies and movie moments through the history of American film. The “scenes” are organized by genre, while matching it with appropriate music – e.g., the “musicals” section is accompanied by the title song of Singin’ in the Rain (1952). Films featured range chronologically from The Great Train Robbery (1903) to Rocky IV (1985), and range in subject from comedies such as Modern Times (1936) and Monty Python’s Meaning of Life (1983), dramas such as High Noon (1952) and The Godfather (1972), and alternative titles such as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) and Fritz the Cat (1972).

Its purpose is to evoke hundreds of “fleeting memories” in the viewers to look back on all the great films they have seen. The film won the Academy Award for Live Action Short Film during the 1987 ceremony, where it was featured in its entirety.

Because of the numerous copyrights involved with each of the four hundred-plus films, Precious Images cannot be sold commercially.

The music used (in order) is:

The Natural (Randy Newman) – The Final Game
Casablanca – As Time Goes By
Barbara Streisand – As Time Goes By
A Clockwork Orange – William Tell Overture
Singing In The Rain – Singing In The Rain
Psycho (Benard Hermann) – Main Titles
The Pink Panther (Henry Mancini) – Theme
The Natural (Randy Newman) – The Final Game

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  1. Zajebant,
    ma ti prosto umeš to da ja ostanem bez teksta…

  2. jako zanimljiv filmić 😉

  3. Мило ми је, ем ми је драго 🙂

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